These are currently the members of SPandH group. Click on a name to see a home page:

Academics Research Associates Research Students Visitors Technical Support
Prof. Guy Brown
Dr. Jon Barker
Dr. Heidi Christensen
Prof. Phil Green
Prof. Roger K. Moore
Prof. Thomas Hain
Dr. Yoshi Gotoh
Dr. Amy Beeston
Dr. Emina Kurtic
Dr. Jose Andres Gonzalez
Dr. Madina Hasan
Dr. Ning Ma
Dr. Ricard Marxer
Dr. Salil Deena
Dr. Samuel Fernando
Dr. Stuart Wrigley
Dr. Wai Man Ng
Asif Jalal
Atiqah Masrani
Bahman Mirheidari
Chenhao Wu
Erfan Loweimi
Ghada AlHarbi
Harry Jackson
Inigo Casanueva
Mashael AlSaleh
Mauro Nicolao
Mortaza Doulaty
Nouf Alharbi
Rabab Algadhy
Rosanna Milner
Saeid Mokaram
Sadeen Alharbi
Yulan Liu
Dr. Chengli Sun
Dr. Angel Gomez

Seating plan of the SpandH and Mini labs

For a list of former members, click here.

There are a number of administration roles within the group. Current holders are:

Role Holder
Head of Group Prof. Thomas Hain
Treasurer Prof. Guy Brown
Seminars Organiser Yulan Liu
Librarian (paper) Amy Beeston
Librarian (electronic resources) tba
Welcomer Erfan Loweimi
Webmaster Saeid Mokaram