PhD Projects

A description of the projects undertaken by the research students is given below (in alphabetical order by surname):

  • Acquisition of communication and recognition skills
    Guillaume Aimetti, Supervisor: Roger K Moore
  • Speech recognition of conversational Arabic
    Sarah Al Shareef, Supervisor: Thomas Hain
  • Computational models of perceptual compensation for room reverberation
    Amy Beeston, Supervisor: Guy J Brown
  • Phonetics of overlapping speech
    Jan Gorisch, Supervisor: Guy J Brown
  • Machine-assisted phonemic analysis
    Tim Kempton, Supervisor: Roger K Moore
  • Learning to recognise speech in noisy environments
    Jonathan Laidler, Supervisors: Martin Cooke and Neil Lawrence
  • Far field context-automatic speech recognition systems
    Davide Marino, Supervisor: Thomas Hain
  • Speech synthesis by analysis
    Mauro Nicolao, Supervisor: Roger K Moore
  • Personalised adaptive listening for users with impaired speech
    James Read, Supervisor: Phil Green
  • Modelling speech recognition in hearing impaired listeners
    Matthew Robertson, Supervisor: Guy J Brown
  • Speech sound representation in automatic speech recognition
    Esmeralda Uraga-Serratos, Supervisor: Thomas Hain
Here are some of the recently completed projects (in alphabetical order by surname):