Hans' Home Page

Hans is the new (May 2003) Speech and Hearing Group mannequin from Brüel & Kjær (Type 4128C).

A few interesting things you didn't know about Hans...

  • Like Duggie, Hans doesn't have much hair. This means he has very high levels of testosterone and is therefore probably the most sexually magnetic member of the speech and hearing group. Probably more so than Duggie as Hans is distinctly younger and more energetic.
  • Hans is hollow... but very heavy.
  • Hans has realistic rubber ears. They really are very convincing and could easily be mistaken for real ears.
  • Hans can hear perfectly even though he has a microphone wodged in each ear.
  • Hans has no arms or hands, hence his name.
  • Unlike Duggie, Hans is blind but overcomes this using his superb hearing.