THISL: Thematic Indexing of Spoken Language

Funded by EC RTD in IT, Long Term Research Project 23495
1 February 1997 - 31 January 2000
  • Sheffield University (UK): Steve Renals and Dave Abberley
  • BBC (UK): David Kirby
  • FPMs (B): Jean-Marc Boite
  • SoftSound (UK): Tony Robinson
  • Thomson-CSF (F): Celestin Sedogbo and Nathalie Colineau
  • IDIAP (CH): Herve Bourlard and Mikko Kurimo
  • ICSI (USA, Subcontractor): Dan Ellis

  • Keywords: speech recognition, information retrieval, natural language processing.

    Dave Abberley, Tony Robinson and Matthew Marks with THISLDemo at RIAO 2000.

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    Steve Renals
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