SWAG: Spoken Word Archive Group

EU/US working group on Spoken Word Digital Audio Collections

Supported by DELOS network of excellence and the National Science Foundation

NEW! Final report of the SWAG group: PDF

This working group will address points of common interest in the creation and dissemination of spoken-word digital audio archives. The final result will be a white paper describing the current-state-of-the-art in the field and providing a series of recommendations with respect to those areas in which future research should be concentrated to ensure progress. The working group was established through the cooperation of the European Union Network of Excellence for Digital Libraries (DELOS) and the United States National Science Foundation.

The field is at an intersection of several areas, and this is reflected by the diversity of the working group members who come from computer science, political science, libraries and archives, broadcasting, engineering, language technology and history.

These web pages are a work in progress and give a snapshot of the way our work is evolving. Comments are welcome, mail to co-chairs Steve Renals or Jerry Goldman. The working group expects to produce a white paper by the end of 2002.

Steve Renals
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