Speech Recognition for People with Severe Dysarthria


Action points from STARDUST meeting 8th September 2000

1. Project web page.  Phil
2. Project board to meet twice per year. Dates to be arranged  Simon
3. Appointment of project board:
 Technical: Approach Prof. Allan Newell.  Mark H
   Consumer: Undecided whether the consumer should be an individual from the trial or an individual from a consumer group.  To be reviewed in 6/9 months time.
4. Clearly define areas of responsibility for the initial period of the project based on the initial project Gantt chart and prepare an action plan to meet milestones at months 2 & 5.  Simon and Mark
5. Investigate feasibility of study of change of intelligibility in parallel with change in consistency  Pam, Mark
6. Define the selection criteria for participants in the project.  Mark
7. Define an initial equipment specification.  Nassos
8. Obtain quotes for the equipment specification.  Phil, Mark H
9. University appointment for Simon. Simon to send CV.  Pam, Simon
10. Investigate a way of quantifying speech consistency.  All
11. Provide literature review methodology and details of papers to group.  Simon
12. Literature review to be presented at the end of month 2.  Mark and Simon
13. Provide email addresses to group.  Nassos, Mark and Simon
14. Set up email alias  Phil
15. Project team next meetings Tuesday 3 October 4.30pm in Pam's office, then week beginning 30 October - to be arranged Simon

Points for discussion at next meeting, 3rd October 2000. More to be added

1. Initial results from Literature review.  Simon
2. Progress with appointment of external technical expert.  Mark H
3. Selection criteria.  Mark
4. Equipment specification and procurement.  Nassos, Phil and Mark H
5. Measuring speech consistency.
6. Ethical Status of project.
7. Feasibility of intelligibility study  Pam, Mark
8. Date/venue of next meeting

Action points from STARDUST meeting 3rd October

Details of the new speech recognition product to be supplied to group. Mark H
Paper on speech consistency to be provided to group. Pam
Literature review to bring together speech therapy work. Mark P and Simon
Technical literature review to be completed and added to the previous review.  Nassos and Simon
Copies of relevant published papers for collation purposes to be forwarded to Simon. All
Creation of web site structure to maintain details of the group's papers and for general information to be disseminated.  Nassos and Phil
Electronic details of the group's papers (i.e. title, author and publication details, not appendix) to be provided to Nassos and Phil.  Simon
Electronic details of all of the group's internal papers, meeting notes etc. to be provided to Phil.  Simon and Mark H
Procurement of 1 laptop computer for Nassos and 2 lower spec laptops. Nassos, Phil Simon and Mark H
Appointment of technical external expert.  Marc Tatham to be formally approached and an indication of possible dates for a review meeting March/April 2001. Phil
Identification of possible words to be used in the initial assessment ­ grandfather list and training procedures ­ including environmental words such as TV on, channel 1 etc, and words specific for the user, such as lamp on. Mark P, Nassos and Simon
Methodology of initial assessment and data gathering to be provided to group (for reference purposes).  Mark P
When ethical approval has been obtained identify suitable participants and approach them for inclusion in the study.  This includes providing them with the information sheet and consent forms.  Initial data secured on mini disk recorder and video taped? Mark P
Identification and procurement of appropriate noise cancelling microphones both head mounted and desk-mounted. Nassos Phil and Simon
Breakdown of the work programme over the next 5 months for Nassos. Phil and Nassos
Identification of appropriate statistical analysis of consistency. Phil and Nassos
Ongoing development of recogniser and initial outline of a consistency measuring tool.  Nassos
Facilitation of internal seminar of recognition techniques and demonstration of OLT for the meeting of Nov. 27th. Phil

Additional point. Submission of a paper for the WISP workshop.  Abstract of 500 words by the end of Nov? whether we should submit or not

The next meeting 27th November will have no business agenda and will be devoted to technical discussions. Business meeting to be arranged mid-December

External Review Meeting 27/4/01: Agenda