RESPITE: Annual Report 2000: Scientific Highlights: Demonstrators

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The RESPITE Demonstrators

The RESPITE industrial partners are developing demonstrator systems to pull-through the new techniques towards commercial systems.

Daimler-Chrysler are building an off-line evaluation demonstrator which will produce comparative results for RESPITE technology within the same system. They have already incorporated multi-stream and tandem recognition. Tandem gives a substantial improvement, as shown by the recognition accuracies obtained on the Aurora 99 evaluation task shown in the table below:

System SNR 0 SNR 10 SNR 20 Clean Average
HTK Baseline 39.3 7.1 2.3 1.4 12.6
DC Baseline 31.2 7.9 2.3 1.4 12.6
DC Tandem 21.4 2.4 0.8 0.9 6.4

Babel are building a modular platform which will enable other partners to add their software into an on-line small-vocabulary recognition system. The intention is to add visualisation facilities at each stage, so that we demonstrate how the system works, rather than just what it does.