RESPITE:Events : Meeting, Sep 2000:Presentations: Joerg Buchholz

Some notes on the Psychoacoustics and Signal Processing of RASTA-PLP analysis of Speech

Joerg Buchholz

The basic target of the SPHEAR work in Patras is the understanding and the modelling of the human perception of room reflections. Furthermore we are interested in the application of our perceptual models in the enhancement of reverberant speech. The RASTA-PLP processing, which has already been shown to be a very powerful tool for ASR in adverse conditions, might be the most well known representative of signal processing tools which are based on perceptual mechanisms. In consequence it was interesting for us to examine the RASTA-PLP processing and somehow to compare it with our Reflection Masking Model (RMM). If RASTA-PLP processing is applied to reverberant speech, a number of problems appear, which we expect to cover with our model.

Jon Barker
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