RESPITE:Events : Meeting, Sep 2000:Presentations: Dan Ellis

Recent tandem results and other multistream work

Dan Ellis

We have continued to investigate the 'tandem' architecture, where the outputs of a neural net trained to produce context-independent phone posterior probabilities are used as features for a conventional GMM/HMM recognizer. This approach continues to be successful for the 'mismatched' Aurora-2000 conditions, and preliminary results from the relatively large-vocabulary DARPA SPINE task are promising.
Other multistream work at ICSI includes investigations into using mutual information as a guide for choosing streams and combination methods, using multiple feature streams independently optimized for different noise conditions, and more investigations of ways of combining a 'full combination' array of multiband nets to approach oracle results.
I will also give a brief overview of the ICSI initiative in Meeting Recording: we have been collecting data from real meetings with a view to designing recognizers for this scenario for a variety of applications.

Jon Barker
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