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Details of the RESPITE Year 2 Meeting
25th and 26th Jan, 2001, Martigny, Switzerland

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Venue: "Les Bains de Saillon" in Saillon, near Martigny, starting around 3pm on Thursday.

Hotel: as above - 1 night + conf rooms etc = 150 CHF (chambre mansardé) or 180 CHF (chambre avec balcon)

Getting there: Buses from Martigny take 25 mins.

Bus times: Yellow bus
Martigny to Saillon: 25 mins and 55 mins past the hour, from 6:25 to 20:25
Saillon to Martigny: 23 mins and 53 mins past the hour, from 6:23 to 19:23

Preliminary meeting agenda here

Winter sports here or here or ...

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