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7th June, 2002, The RESPITE Closing Meeting, Sheffield

25th-26th January, 2002, The RESPITE Year 3 Meeting, IDIAP

2nd September 2001 CRAC, A EUROSPEECH 2001 Satellite Workshop .

25th-26th January, 2001, The RESPITE Year 2 Meeting, IDIAP

15th-17th September, 2000, The 2nd Joint SPHEAR-RESPITE Workshop,   Mons, Belgium

28th and 29th January, 2000, The RESPITE Year 1 Meeting,   EUFO, Luxembourg

13th and 14th September, 1999, The 1st Joint SPHEAR-RESPITE Workshop,   Les Marecottes, Switzerland

7th and 8th February, 1999, RESPITE Kick-Off Meeting, Grenoble, France 

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