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Bugs and Issues

Known Bugs

The following tables report all known bugs. The DATE column refers to the date on which the bug was reported. The FIXED column displays the earliest version of the code in which the bug has been fixed. Only bugs for which the FIXED column is empty will effect the most recent version of the code. For minor bugs the FIXED column may hold a link to a patch that can be applied as a quick fix while waiting for a new version of the code to be released (for details see `CTK patches'.)

If you encounter a bug, first make sure you have the most recent version of the code, and then if the bug still persists please send a bug report.

Bugs effecting CTK v.1.3.xx

30/02/04 1 decoder: likelihoods report in logfile2 are incorrect * JPB H v1.3.3
30/02/04 2 decoder: v1.3.2 doesn't construct logfile2 correctly for single model decoders * JPB H v1.3.3
16/02/04 1 decoder: Error in parallel decoder 1: and 2: source labels * JPB H v1.3.2
16/02/04 2 decoder: Parallel decoder can emit spurious 0 length models * JPB H v1.3.2
16/02/04 3 decoder: Parallel decoder logfile2 model start times incorrect * JPB H v1.3.2
15/02/04 1 ctk: Not safe using 'undo' after 'run' * JPB L v1.3.2
15/02/04 2 ctk: Problems occur after deleting composite blocks * JPB L v1.3.2
12/02/04 1 decoders: SILENCE param won't accept multiple values * JPB H v1.3.1
20/11/03 1 file: has problems writing and reading the .au file format * JE M v1.3.1
20/11/03 2 ctk: problems running decoder from GUI * JE H

Bugs effecting CTK v.1.2.xx

10/07/03 1 general: fails to run some valid systems due to suspected feedback * SH H v1.3.0
10/07/03 1 general: occasional problems propagating samplerate parameter * JPB H v1.3.0
16/04/02 1 decoders: HMM definitions should be allowed to have missing mixtures
SPC M v1.2.4
10/04/02 1 ctk: The ctk filename does not always appear in the title bar
JPB L v1.2.3
08/04/02 1 ctk: If resaved after being run then hidden SAMPLERATEs appear in script
JPB L v1.2.3
14/03/02 1 ctk: 'Go' button causes crash if script is expecting parameters
SPC M v1.2.2
14/03/02 2 NISTInputFile: Can cause a crash if file is not in NIST format
SPC M v1.2.2
26/11/01 1 MDisplay: Does not like non-alphanumeric chars (including space) in the NAME parameter
JPB L v1.2.1
26/11/01 2 QFigure: Has problems if input data is constant JPB L v1.2.1
26/11/01 3 ctk: Text box parameter edits may be lost if return is not pressed after making change
JPB L v1.2.1
26/11/01 4 script: Environment variables are not always substituted into script correctly
JPB H v1.2.1

Bugs effecting CTK v.1.1.xx

18/07/01 Memory Leaks: In ctk_gmask (major leak!) and ctk_adaptive_noise_estimation. JPB medium v1.2.0
4/07/01 Makefile: Makefile not rebuilding $CTKROOT/local/src correctly JPB medium v1.2.0
4/07/01 block: Name inconsistencies in $CTKROOT/local/src example blocks JPB medium v1.2.0
28/06/01 QFigure: 2-D plots have stopped working... JPB medium v1.2.0
22/06/01 decoders: USE_DELTA_BOUNDS flag switch not working correct onHMMDecoderMDSoft decoder LBJ medium v1.1.4
19/06/01 Makefile: On some platforms compilation fails with "FLT_MAX undeclared" JPB medium v1.1.4
19/06/01 block: identical sample rates, e.g. "100.0" and "100.00", are seen to be different JPB low v1.1.4
05/06/01 block: The flush() method may get called more that once before the block closes. JPB high v1.1.3
05/06/01 QFigure: crashes if it tries to plot 0 frames of data JPB low v1.1.3
30/05/01 Decoders: Trouble reading HMM files containing e-notation numbers (cygwin). LBJ medium v1.1.3
30/05/01 ctk: 'Profile' toggle only effects blocks in current view. JPB low v1.1.3
17/05/01 NISTInputBlock: Gets the byte order wrong when reading NIST sample files. JPB medium v1.1.2
10/04/01 TeeBlock: Does not function properly 1st output socket is left unconnected. JPB high v1.1.2
05/04/01 ctk: "Run With ... " option is causing a crash. JPB high v1.1.2
05/04/01 CTKScript: Won't accept -ve command line parameters! (only effects v1.1.1). JPB high v1.1.2
08/03/01 CTKScript: may crash during command line parameter handling (cygwin). LBJ high v1.1.2
06/03/01 ctk: allows command line param numbers to be assigned to constant params. JPB medium v1.1.1
02/03/01 ctk: becomes unstable after a save has failed. JPB medium v1.1.1
27/02/01 ctk_file: BYTES_PER_SAMPLE is required even when using floating point. LBJ medium v1.1.1
26/02/01 ctk: environment variables get expanded on save. JPB high v1.1.1
26/02/01 ctk: environment variables appear as command line parameters. JPB high v1.1.1
21/02/01 comparator: the GUI allows NINPUTS to be changed. JPB low v1.1.1
20/02/01 ctk: clicking on a block activates the modified ("+") flag. LBJ high v1.1.1
20/02/01 ctk: Parameters dialog box accepts only 3 decimals. LBJ high v1.1.1
20/02/01 ctk: modified ("+") status dos not honour undo. LBJ medium v1.1.1
27/02/01 ctk: using `undo' after a load or a revert causes a crash! JPB medium v1.1.1
20/02/01 CTKScript: Problems occur if $1 and $3 defined but not $2 etc. LBJ low v1.1.1
22/02/01 Makefile: Qt libs being linked with CTKScript. JPB high v1.1.1
14/02/01 Makefile: MATLAB flags not correctly passed to Makefile.GUI. JPB high v1.1.1
14/02/01 ctk_binary_ops: DivideBlock Not working - typo in code. LBJ medium v1.1.1
14/02/01 decoders: Hypothesis filter not working correctly. JPB medium v1.1.1

Bugs effecting CTK v.1.0.xx

7/12/00 Decoder is unreliable under Cygwin. high v1.1.0
8/2/01 script: Problems parsing vector parameters. high v1.0.11
6/12/00 decoders: Running recognition stats are occasionally garbage - i.e. -284534 insertions etc. high v1.0.11
2/12/00 GUI: Sockets on intermediate blocks do not get marked as optional correctly. low v1.0.10
20/11/00 ctk_autocorrelate: Autocorrelation still not computed entirely correctly! high v1.0.10
20/11/00 ctk_file: Problems reading in raw binary 1D signals in floating point. high v1.0.10
15/11/00 decoders: Will not parse model files with only 1 mixture! (see note ) medium v1.0.10
8/11/00 ctk_reducer: memory leak occurring when reducing from frame data down to sample data. medium v1.0.9
8/11/00 ctk_file: crashes when writing larger ASCII frame files. medium v1.0.9
12/10/00 ctk_gammatone_bank: outputs labelled incorrectly. low v1.0.9
02/10/00 ctk_autocorrel: Not computed correctly high v1.0.7
09/08/00 GUI: Uses incorrect block type name when saving NIST input blocks to script. high v1.0.6
03/08/00 CTKDecoders: Decoder occasionally fails to find 1-best hypothesis - score below threshold. high v1.0.6
"" GUI: Sometimes sets array parameters to empty arrays e.g. "Split(CUTS=)" medium v1.0.5
"" GUI: should strip whitespace around parameter values before setting them. medium v1.0.5
14/7/00 CTKShell: not translating environment variables. medium v1.0.6
"" ctk_CTK_writer: Environment variables are expanded when scripts are saved. medium v1.0.5
"" Autoconnect should not connect outputs to optional input sockets. high v1.0.5
12/07/00 CTKDecoders: decoder locks-up occasionally occurring in N-best backtrace. high v1.0.4
8/07/00 Fuzzy.ctk script crashing after decoding 2nd utterance high v1.0.3
10/07/00 ctk_noise_estimation: Noise estimates not reset correctly; noise overestimated. high v1.0.4
10/07/00 ctk_file: ctk binary output sample files don't reset correctly. high v1.0.4
"" GUI: Inconsistencies when writing the #!/.../CTKScript ctk script line. medium v1.0.4
"" GUI: Parameter panels are not wide enough by default. medium v1.0.4
03/07/00 Makefile: Not picking up Qt libraries if LD_LIBRARY_PATH not set. high v1.0.4
"" Frame: The frame block does not recompute the SAMPLE_RATE parameter correctly. medium v1.0.3
"" GUI: Fiddly to connect sockets. Hit region around sockets should be made larger. low v1.0.3
"" ctk_shell: command line argument passing in CTKShell doesn't like the empty string "" medium v1.0.3
"" ctk_block: system locks up when there are two inputs and one has duration=0. medium v1.0.3
"" ctk_file: Input files appear with 4 outputs by default. Odd default behaviour. low v1.0.3
"" ctk_param: Sample rate parameter isn't alway passed correctly. medium v1.0.3
27/06/00 ctk_block: Sample rate parameter appears editable when it shouldn't be. low v1.0.3
"" General: Serious memory leaks. e.g process size upto 300Mb for decoding Aurora testset. high v1.0.2
"" Makefile: $CTKLOCAL/src Makefile not interacting correctly with ctk libraries. high v1.0.1
"" CTKDecoders: USE_DELTAS doesn't default to true when HAS_DELTAS is true. medium v1.0.1
"" GUI: link to documentation don't work in online help system. low v1.0.1
"" MDisplay: fails to plot if NAME is not a valid MATLAB variable name. high v1.0.1
"" ASCIIOuputFile: Demands that the BYTES_PER_SAMPLE parameter is set. medium v1.0.1
"" Gammatone Bank: Does not allow a single filter. medium v1.0.1
21/06/00 CTKScript: crashes if run without any parameters. low v1.0.1

To Do

cout vs cerr medium Non-error output is being sent to inappropriately to cerr v1.1.1
newline character medium Sort out newline handling in CTKShell v1.1.1
SAMPLERATE parameter medium sort out problems with SAMPLERATE parameter v1.1.1
ctk block naming medium Allow user's to assign block names using the GUI v1.1.1
ctk edit medium Add "unselect all" button v1.1.1
ctk toolbar medium New file icon on the toolbar v1.1.1
ctk: interface layout medium Tidy interface layout to save space
Tee blocks medium Neater handling of Tee blocks in GUI
Command line parsing medium Improved parsing to allow -S and static parameters to be mixed arbitrarily v1.1.1
ctk undo medium Extend undo feature to apply to changes made to parameter values v1.1.3
ctk preferences medium ctk preferences file for user interface v1.1.3

Requested Features

21/06/00 JPB Version numbers: Need version numbers built into binaries to keep track of bug fixes high v1.0.1
"" LBJ CTKDecoders: Option to record decoder parameters in log file medium v1.0.1
"" MPC GUI: file name of loaded script to appear in CTK window bar low v1.0.2
"" MPC GUI: parameter units to be made clear in parameter panel medium v1.0.2
"" JPB GUI: QWhatsThis text to be added to document block parameters medium v1.0.2
"" MPC MDisplay: options for different plot styles medium v1.0.2
"" All Simplified interface for sockets e.g get_sample, get_vector etc high v1.0.2
27/06/00 MPC Mechanism for profiling ctk systems - i.e % of time spent in each block low v1.0.3
"" MPC Optional inputs - some blocks may not require all inputs to be connected medium v1.0.4
"" JPB GUI: Preference panel for customising GUI behaviour low v1.0.4
03/07/00 MPC Ability to interrupt a CTK system during a run and return control to GUI low v1.2.0
09/08/00 SPC Automatically create paths when saving files if necessary Medium v1.0.6
09/08/00 SPC Have GUI request save before quitting when save needed Medium v1.0.6
2/10/00 KP Block for upsampling Medium v1.0.9

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