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Bug Report: 20_11_03_1


Problems with au files


Report valid au files as having invalid headers.

Writing au files that cause the system to crash when read.

Code Example

Fix Date


Fix Notes

Headers being read in wrong byte order so that valid au files looked corrupt. Headers were also being written in wrong byte order except for the nsamples item. As they are both being read and written in the wrong order, ctk generated au files could be read in ok, but the nsamples item was appearing byte swapped leading to strange things such as -ve file lengths - hence the crash. Now works OK. Note, not all au data formats are supported - only 16 bit PCM and 8 bit u-law. Unsupported types were previously generating an 'invalid header' message. This has been changed so that a more appropriate 'format unsupported' message is given instead.

Last modified: Fri Nov 21 15:00:44 GMT 2003