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Bug Report: 10_07_03_1


fails to run some valid systems due to suspected feedback


"If I split a signal using Tee and then pass each of the duplicate signals into Frame before going into the Correlator, I get the error "Problem with data flow. System contains feedback? (GCE) General CTK Error:"

Code Example


Fix Date

10th July 2003

Fix Notes

The internal process stack grows over its limit of 10000. It shouldn't be growing. There is a logical error in the data flow that has been dormant for a long time, and is exposed by the above example due to the large number of samples being passed through the network.

After some experimentation it seems that the solution is to check the process stack before adding a block to make sure that the block is not already on the stack. This solution seems to fix the above simple example, and doesn't break more complicated systems - e.g. the missing data recognition system still runs correctly.

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