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TriangleWave is a periodic signal generator block that generates a regular triangular wave function. There are 5 controlling parameters: SAMPLE_RATE, DURATION, FREQ, AMP and PHASE.

SAMPLE_RATE is in units of samples per second, DURATION is measured in seconds, and FREQ in cycles per second. The triangle wave has maximum and minimum values of +AMP and -AMP. The initial PHASE is specified in radians where the one complete cycle of the wave has 2 Pi radians (see diagram below).

Inputs Meaning Sample 1-D frame $\ge$2-D frame
No inputs

Outputs Meaning
out1 generated signal

Parameters Type Default Meaning
SAMPLE_RATE Float - Number of samples per second
DURATION Float - Duration in seconds of signal to generate
FREQ Float - The triangular wave frequency
AMP Float 1.0 The triangular wave amplitude
PHASE Float 0.0 The initial phase in radians

\psfig {figure=graphics/trianglewave.eps,width=0.9\columnwidth}\end{center}\vspace{-4mm}

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