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The Reducer block reduces N dimensional input data down to N-1 dimensional output data. The user specifies an index value (via in2) and an axis (via the block's parameter). Every one-dimensional vector through the data, parallel to the given axis, is replaced by its value at the given index i.e. the block performs operations that would be expressed in MATLAB as Y=X(:,:,i), Y=X(:,i,:) etc.

The string parameter AXIS takes as its value the name of the axis over which to average. If the axis is left unspecified the default behaviour is to user the outer-dimension of the frame data.

The (time-varying) index value is supplied via in2. This must be sample data.

Inputs Meaning Sample 1-D frame $\ge$2-D frame
in1 frame data NO Yes Yes
in2 index value Yes NO NO

Outputs Meaning
out1 data after reduction

Parameters Type Default Meaning
AXIS String (outer) Name of axis to reduce

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