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The QFigure block is used to display data. It may be used to display either sample or 1-D frame data. Sample data will produce a simple 2-D x-y graph. 1-D frame data will produce a 2-D grey-scale type image.

The initial size of the figures produced can be set using the WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters. The TITLE parameter can be used to give a name to the window in which the figure appears.

To produces figures the QFigure block requires that CTK has been compiled with Qt support. If the toolkit has been compiled without Qt support, or if the ACTIVE switch is set to false, then data will pass through the block with no effect.

Inputs Meaning Sample 1-D frame $\ge$2-D frame
in1 signal to display Yes Yes No

Outputs Meaning
out1 input signal passed to output

Parameters Type Default Meaning
TITLE String "QFigure" A title for the Qt figure that is created
WIDTH Integer 400 The width in pixels of the figure
HEIGHT Integer 300 The height in pixels of the figure
ACTIVE Boolean true Set to false to turn off the plot

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