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MDisplay produces a graphical output using the MATLAB interface. The block also copies its input data to an output, so that the MDisplay block can be easily inserted at any point in a network. Only sample data, or 1-D frame data can be displayed. Signal data will produce a simple 2-D graph. 1-D frame data will produce a grey-scale type image.

The plots can be customised using the PLOT, BEFORE_PLOT and AFTER_PLOT parameters. BEFORE_PLOT and AFTER_PLOT are string parameters which are executed by the MATLAB engine either immediately before or immediately after the execution of the MATLAB plot statement. For example:

  MDisplay(BEFORE_PLOT="subplot(2,1,1)", AFTER_PLOT="grid on")

will cause the data to be plotted as a subplot in the upper half of the plot window with an x-y grid covering the plotting area.

The PLOT parameter can be used to customise the command that does the actual plotting. By default `plot' will be used for sample data, and `image' for 1-D frame data. Other commands can be specified using PLOT with the symbol `%' at the point where the variable holding the data would usually be placed. For example to plot data on a graph with a log y axis:


If MDisplay is used from within the CTKShell then it will act in a similar fashion to MOutput in that it will export its data (i.e. the data displayed) to the MATLAB variable space. This MATLAB variable can be named using the NAME parameter. If the NAME parameter is left unset, then the MATLAB variable will take the name of the MDisplay block.

MDisplay requires MATLAB to be available. If CTK has been compiled without the MATLAB libraries, then data will flow through the block without producing any graphical output.

For convenience the display can be disabled without deleting the block by setting the boolean DISPLAY parameter to FALSE.

Inputs Meaning Sample 1-D frame $\ge$2-D frame
in1 signal to display Yes Yes No

Outputs Meaning
out1 input signal passed to output

Parameters Type Default Meaning
NAME String - The name of the MATLAB variable that is created
PLOT String "" MATLAB command to use for plotting
BEFORE_PLOT String "" MATLAB statements to execute before plotting
AFTER_PLOT String "" MATLAB statements to execute after plotting
DISPLAY Boolean true Set to false to turn off the plot

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