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The DeltaBounds block can be used for calculating missing data `bounds constraints' for delta features. As input it takes a set of static features, a missing data mask for the static features and lower and upper bounds for the static features. As output it generates delta features, a missing data mask for the deltas features and sensible lower and upper bounds for the delta features.

The static features are converted to delta features using the same procedure as employed by the Delta block.

The static missing data mask is converted into a missing data mask for delta features using the same procedure as the DeltaMask block.

The delta bounds are computed by considering the largest and small delta values that can be achieved given the bounds on the missing static features. So to calculate the upper delta bound, the left hand side of the delta regression window (see Delta block) takes the smallest allowed values of the missing static features, and the right hand side takes the largest allowed values. For the lower delta bound the left side takes large values and the right side takes small values.

Note, the static mask and bounds inputs are optional. If the static bounds are not supplied, the delta features and mask will still be computed, but the delta bounds will not be computed and no data will arrive at the delta bounds outputs. Likewise, if the static mask is not supplied, then neither the delta mask nor the delta bounds can be computed and only the delta feature output will be active.

Inputs Meaning Sample 1-D frame $\ge$2-D frame
in1 static features No Yes No
(in2) mask frame No Yes No
(in3) lower bounds No Yes No
(in4) upper bounds No Yes No

Outputs Meaning
out1 delta features
out2 mask frame for delta features
out1 lower bounds for delta features
out1 upper bounds for delta features

Parameters Type Default Meaning
DELTA_WIN Integer 2 Half size of the regression window

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