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Read data from a binary file. The file name is supplied as a parameter. A file path and file extension may also be supplied.

The binary file type is user configurable and can be used in an attempt to read alien files of a type that is not directly supported. The table below lists the parameters that can be configured. If the file has a header then the HEADER_SIZE parameter should be set to an appropriate value so that the header is not treated as part of the signal data.

If SAMPLES_PER_FRAME is set to 1 then the data is treated as a simple signal (e.g. a sound signal). If SAMPLES_PER_FRAME is greater than 1 then the data is treated as a series of frames (e.g. a feature vector).

NOUTPUTS can be set to any positive value. The file is then assumed to have this many interleaved channels and a corresponding number of output sockets will be constructed. e.g. if NOUTPUTS is set to 2 then the data is assumed to be an interleaved stereo signal and output sockets named out1 and out2 will be used.

The byte order of the data in the file must be specified using the BYTE_ORDER parameter. This must be set to either:

Inputs Meaning Sample 1-D frame $\ge$2-D frame
No inputs

Outputs Meaning
out1 signal channel 1
... ...
out n signal channel n

Parameters Type Default Meaning
FILE_NAME String - The file to open
FILE_PATH String "" Directory path to prefix to filename
FILE_EXTENSION String "" Extension to postfix to filename
HEADER_SIZE Integer 28 Size of header in bytes
BYTE_ORDER {BE, LE} BE BE=Big Endian, LE=Little Endian
NUMBER_OF_CHANNELS Integer 1 Number of interleaved channels
BYTES_PER_SAMPLE Integer 2 Valid values are 1, 2 or 4
SAMPLES_PER_FRAME Integer 1 Number of samples per frame
MULAW_ENCODING Boolean False `Yes' = treat as mulaw encoded data1
FLOATING_POINT Boolean False Treat data of floating point rather than integer
SAMPLE_RATE Float - The data sampling rate (samples/second)
DURATION Integer 0 (0=whole file) Number of samples to read
NOUTPUTS Integer 1 Number of channels

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