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This is for reading files in which the data is stored in human readable form as a sequence of white space separated numbers in ASCII format. The file name is supplied as a parameter. A file path and file extension may also be supplied.

If SAMPLES_PER_FRAME is set to 1 then the data is treated as a simple signal (e.g. a sound signal). If SAMPLES_PER_FRAME is greater than 1 then the data is treated as a series of frames (e.g. a feature vector).

As with the BinaryInputFile, NOUTPUTS can be set to any value and the data is assumed to have this many channels with the samples or frames interleaved, e.g. if NOUTPUTS is set to two then the data is assumed to be stereo and the odd samples are sent to out1 and the even samples are sent to out2.

Inputs Meaning Sample 1-D frame $\ge$2-D frame
No inputs

Outputs Meaning
out1 signal channel 1
... ...
out n signal channel n

Parameters Type Default Meaning
FILE_NAME String - The file to open
FILE_PATH String "" Directory path to prefix to filename
FILE_EXTENSION String "" Extension to postfix to filename
SAMPLES_PER_FRAME Integer 1 Number of samples per frame
SAMPLE_RATE Float - The data sampling rate (samples/second)
DURATION Integer 0 (0=whole file) Number of samples to read
NOUTPUTS Integer 1 Number of channels

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