Optical Logo-Therapy (OLT)

Research Student: Athanassios Hatzis Supervisor: Phil Green

A real-time computer-based audio-visual feedback for speech training, in which the speech acoustics are transformed into visual events on a two-dimensional display called a 'phonetic map'. Phonetic maps are created by training a neural network to associate acoustic input vectors with points in a two-dimensional space. The target points on the map can be chosen by the teacher to reflect the relationship between articulatory gestures and acoustics. OLT thus helps the client to become aware of, and to correct, errors in articulation. Phonetic maps can be tailored to different training problems, and to the needs of individual clients.

We are investigating the application of Speech Technology in conjuction with Neural Network techniques in the development of Speech Training aids based on the visualisation of speech production. The final objective of this research is to study how these aids are going to improve the articulation of speech disorder people and particularly the hearing impaired or the pronounciation of students who learn a foreign language.