m4 - multimodal meeting manager


Administrative Overview

Slides prepared by our EC project officer, Domenico Perrotta, for the kickoff meeting.

Contract Preparation Forms

The M4 Techical Annex: latex source (and style file m4.sty) or pdf (last updated Fri 8 Aug 2003 to include University of Edinburgh).

The M4 Techical Annex: latex source or pdf (last updated Thurs 2 May 2002 to include VUT Brno).

The contract preparation forms: Excel spreadsheet (last updated Monday 29 April 2002)

The ICSI subcontract: Word document or HTML

Model consortium agreement: Word document

Proposal to include TU Brno


The IST call for proposals, work programme and proposers' guides are on the CORDIS website.

Management Reports