Minutes of the Hoarse Project meeting held at 5/9/03 at IDIAP, Matigny


Present:  (see Phil’s slides)


Coordinators Report:

  1. Annual Report:
    PDG reminded all lab representatives that the annual progress report has to be submitted to PDG by October. The report should include scientific highlights (with references), details of any networking activity and special measures taken to train young researchers. Detailed documentation on the required sections can be found on the private Hoarse website. (ACTION  ALL)
  2. Cost statements from each partner have to be included and should be requested now since the reporting format has changed from previous years. Linda Perma will coordinate the financial reporting. (ACTION ALL)
  3. PDG reminded all partners that publications that result from network activities and that include young researchers should include an acknowledgement, a suggested wording can be found in the hoarse contract. (ACTION ALL)


Scientific Presentations:

 The following scientific presentations given at the meeting are available online


 Elvira Perez, Liverpool

 Vivky Maier, IDIAP

 Juha Merimaa, Bochum

 John Worley, Bochum

 Eva Björkner, Helsinki

 Patti Adank, Liverpool

 Julien Bougeois, DC

 Jana Eggink, Sheffield


Stefan Launer, Phonak AG  

Jens Blauert, Bochum

Georg Meyer, Liverpool

Hynek Hermanski, IDIAP

Phil Green, Sheffield


Jordan Cohen, External Advisor


Planning Meeting, Steering Committee Meetings

Both topics were discussed in the same session since no special issues that had to be discussed by a steering committee were raised.


PDG reminded all partners that external advisors for all young researchers employed by the network should be found. It was agreed that the local supervisor should approach a suitable advisor in another partner lab in the first instance. (ACTION ALL)


As might be expected in the initial phase of the project, there was relatively little activity that used multiple labs in the network. PDG asked all partner labs to actively pursue collaborative work and reminded all partners that we agreed that young researchers employed on Hoarse for the full period were expected to spend some time in all partner labs.


PDG invited all partners to make more use of the email discussion group hoarse@dcs.shef.ac.uk .


It was agreed to hold the next workshop at Sheffield in March 2004. Dates will be confirmed at a later stage. (ACTION PDG)


PDG reminded all researchers that conference travel outside the EU requires authorisation and will coordinate these requests.